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Quality Assurance

Collaborating with a company of Woolworths’ high quality standards means we are constantly striving to provide the highest quality products, whilst ensuring we adhere to the highest food safety and traceability protocols.

Our technical team work closely with growers to ensure that all product complies with food safety, quality and legal requirements in order to maintain quality assurance and good manufacturing processes.

We are strong advocates of the pioneering work Woolworths are doing in the form of their Farming For the Future certification. Farming For the Future is a holistic approach that manages the entire farming process systematically, with the aim of taking a new approach to growing food sustainably and in harmony with nature in South Africa. Woolworths’ 2020 goal is to ensure that all fresh produce comes from farms with a Farming For the Future certification.

We are working closely with our growers to achieve this and share in Woolworths’ vision to ensure the future farms of South Africa can provide enough food for future generations—without compromising quality or adding to the cost.

Fruition is a level 5 BEE Contributor.